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Group / Employee Benefit

Thinking of providing group employee benefits for your employees? We are here for you. There are many advantages to providing this kind of benefits for your employees. You may want to consider the kind of benefits or services that might suit the objective of your organization, and will customise them for you:

  • Group Term Takaful (GTT): This type of Takaful is intended for pure protection of your employees. GTT can be customized to provide coverage against premature death, permanent disability, critical illnesses, accidents and as income replacement tool. This can be participated on the group with a preset limit for the group or set limits by job/class. The coverage is yearly renewable term, is reasonably priced and is available while the individual is employed by the company.
  • Group Saving Term Takaful (GST): This type of Takaful is intended for long-term savings whilst providing protections against life calamity. It is an ideal plan which can be designed as your company’s Employees Retirement Program
  • Group Health & Surgical (GHS): This type of Takaful specifically caters to your organization’s needs to provide comprehensive medical benefits to your employees. Coverage includes customary hospitalisation costs such as room & board, ICU, hospital supplies, surgical fees, operations, pre- and post-hospitalisation fees, daily cash allowance and outpatient treatments at clinics and pharmacies.